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Top downloads for August ’09

A paper describing a potential new pipeline for structural genomics based on small angle X-ray scattering was far and away the most popular paper of the August issue. It will be very interesting to see what kind of impact it has on the field. While it may not provide high-resolution structures like x-ray crystalography, it is certainly faster and has a higher success rate, both of which are critical parameters for high-throughput pipelines. A paper from Helicos describing new terminator nucleotides for single-molecule next-generation sequencing (or should this be 2nd or 3rd generation?) made it to the #5 spot.

Top 7 research papers published in the August issue

1. Robust, high-throughput solution structural analyses by small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)

2. Digital RNA allelotyping reveals tissue-specific and allele-specific gene expression in human

3. Mass spectrometry of membrane transporters reveals subunit stoichiometry and interactions

4. SHOREmap: simultaneous mapping and mutation identification by deep sequencing

5. Virtual terminator nucleotides for next-generation DNA sequencing

6. Global discovery of adaptive mutations

7. Metabolic network analysis integrated with transcript verification for sequenced genomes

The top five spots in the ten most popular papers published prior to our August issue and downloaded during August are unchanged since last month. We have a surprise appearance of an old and slightly controversial paper at position #6. This appearance appears to be the result of their publication of a follow-up paper in PNAS at the beginning of August. Squeaking in at #9 and #10 are two papers from the July issue. The top downloaded paper in July was also close behind but didn’t quite make it.

Top 10 research papers published prior to the August issue

1. Mapping and quantifying mammalian transcriptomes by RNA-Seq

2. mRNA-Seq whole-transcriptome analysis of a single cell

3. Universal sample preparation method for proteome analysis

4. Stem cell transcriptome profiling via massive-scale mRNA sequencing

5. Isolation of human iPS cells using EOS lentiviral vectors to select for pluripotency

6. The development of a bioengineered organ germ method

7. Genome-wide profiles of STAT1 DNA association using chromatin immunoprecipitation and massively parallel sequencing

8. Stable knockdown of microRNA : in vivo: by lentiviral vectors

9. In vivo fluorescence imaging with high-resolution microlenses

10. Mapping the structure and conformational movements of proteins with transition metal ion FRET


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