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Bad day? Release that aggression with our new game, Lab Smash

Ready to smash it up? Take out your frustrations with Lab Smash, the new Facebook game from Naturejobs.

Ready to smash it up?

Ready to smash it up?


So, all that pipetting is driving you nuts and anomalous results making your blood boil? Ready to smash it up? Before you flip your lid and take it all out on your equipment/bench neighbor/boss/defenseless lab-technician, take five and try out our new Facebook game, Lab Smash.

Race against the clock to smash up your lab, from test tubes to microscopes, and pitch your efforts against your friends to make it to the top of the leaderboard. It’s the safest way to take out that pent-up aggression, leaving you free to return to the bench as zen as a yogi.

Play now.

Happy smashing!


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