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Interview skills and tips for jobseekers: A roundup

Naturejobs collects some of our favourite posts on interviews.

Your interview skills will play a huge part in whether you win an offer for that coveted job. But even if you’re not job-hunting, you’ll need those skills in other settings – if you’re applying to graduate school, interviewing for a postdoctoral research post, aiming to get into a particular investigator’s lab, hoping to join a collaboration.

Practice makes perfect, it’s true, but it helps to know a few ground rules and tips if you haven’t gotten to the ‘perfect’ stage yet. Here’s a look at some ways we’ve outlined to get you in the door you want.


Failures can often help you to succeed, as this blog contributor points out.

And here are pointers to keep in mind when you’re facing a job or postdoc interview.

Check out tips for navigating the ‘job talk’.

We rounded up contributors’ nominations for their most hated interview questions, so you won’t be shocked if one comes your way.

Here’s a piece on how to answer ‘why do you want to work for us?’

And here’s one on how to answer ‘what is your greatest weakness?’

Finally, here’s a collection of general articles and tips on interviews.



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