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Entering the Ebola red zone: #ScientistAtWork photo competition 2018

Entering the Ebola red zone

Entering the Ebola red zone

Peter Horby & Rebecca Inglis

This picture of Tom Rawlinson and Josephine Borbor, researchers in Peter Horby’s infection diseases research group at the University of Oxford, UK, was taken in Sierra Leona at the height of the West Africa Ebola outbreak. Taken by Rebecca Inglis (a member of Horby’s group at the time), it was submitted to Naturejobs as part of the 2018 #ScientistAtWork photo competition, which runs until 31 March.

Read more about the competition here.

It’s 30 degrees Celsius outside, and the suits are even hotter, claustrophobic and uncomfortable. “When we came out, you could pour the sweat out of the rubber boots,” explains Horby. Worse still, the face masks and goggles, in bright, garish colours make it difficult for patients to relate to the researchers. “It’s very difficult to have a conversation with someone when they don’t know what you look like,” he adds. “All they can see of you is your eyes.”

The scientists were there as part of an international aid and research mission, testing a new drug in a clinical trial in the midst of a global public health emergency – one of the first times a drug has ever been tested in these sorts of conditions.

The photo, Horby says, captures the moment where Rawlinson and Borbor enter what’s known as the red zone, the quarantine area where up to 30 patients await clinical trials and treatment. Scientists must enter in pairs, to protect each other and watch out for dangers like dehydration or a rip in protective clothing. A lot of time is taken up putting the suits on and taking them off. Team members entered the zone more than 590 times during the three month trial, says Horby.

“With dangerous outbreaks like Ebola, doing the science is especially difficult,” he adds. “I’ve done presentations and used the title ‘science in a crisis’ – I’ve been in a few crises.”

The dangers and difficulties carry an enormous reward. Beyond helping individual patients, Horby hopes his work will inspire more trials like this one, and accelerate the availability of medicine during other outbreaks. “What we’ve shown is you can do this international-standard clinical research even in the most extreme crisis. We want people to not be put off of the extreme challenges,” he says.

And he hopes that photographs like this one will show scientists what his work entails – that it’s difficult, but do-able. “Many of the Oxford staff are volunteers and they’re doing it because they want to. That’s what the photographs are for – to show people that it’s possible.”

Horby also sees his team’s work in Africa as an example of the work that scientists can find outside the lab. “There are lots of opportunities for exciting science – it goes well beyond the bench or the microscope. This is a situation where you’re in a tough field environment, and one that has a really important effect on global health. Science can be part of that response.”


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