Plant science in the public domain

Nature Plants is now supporting the wonderfully informative Plant Science Panel run by Sense About Science, a charitable organization geared towards helping the public make sense of scientific developments and debates.  Established in 2012 and comprised of 40-plus scientists, the panel provides answers to plant-related queries from the public on topics ranging from the nutritional quality of crops to the politics surrounding agricultural innovations.  Answers to previous questions can be found at   … Read more

Agriculture in focus

The latest IPCC climate impacts report ( suggests that food production could be compromised by climate change over the coming century.  Strategies to bolster agricultural production and safeguard food supplies for some of the most vulnerable – in the wake of continued warming and an increase in the prevalence of extreme events – are discussed in a web focus that accompanies this month’s issue of Nature Geoscience (  The importance of developing region-specific solutions and legislation that protects the interests of local land owners is explored.    … Read more