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Mapping Science: New York City

Today’s map comes from Jeffrey Lancaster, a graduate student at Columbia University.

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As for so many other fields of human endeavour, New York has long been a world city for science. The city’s many leading universities and institutes have generated numerous Nobel Prizes, and there’s even a monument to winners of the prizes in Theodore Roosevelt Park.

As well as the world-famous institutes such as Columbia, Brookhaven and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, Jeffrey has also picked out unusual sites of geological interest, such as Greenwood Cemetery and exposed bedrock in Central Park.

NYC also has much to offer on the cultural side. The World Science Fair, inaugurated by local boy Brian Greene, is held here annually and this year included appearances from Stephen Hawking and, of all things, the James Webb Telescope. The American Museum of Natural History, meanwhile, will be famous to people the world over thanks to its starring role in the film Night at the Museum. The map also gives a good reason why scientists should visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The map is very much a starting point – there’s plenty more to add. We welcome additions (and any scientific trivia concerning NYC) in the comments.

If you’d like to put together a map of science in your own city or region, please contact Matt Brown (i.am.mattbrown – at – gmail.com) for assistance.

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    dereen kareem said:

    Where is Albert Einstein college of medicine?

  2. Report this comment

    Jeffrey Lancaster said:

    Albert Einstein is now added with a few other new entries!

    Please continue to let me know of other sites to add via the comments – this is definitely a work in progress!

  3. Report this comment

    Brendan Maher said:

    Rockefeller?  Mt. Sinai? I’d say Cold Spring Harbor is too far out of the city, but you do include Brookhaven.  Hence we see how no good deed goes unpunished ;).

    Thanks for developing this!

  4. Report this comment

    Jeffrey Lancaster said:

    Thanks, Brendan!  Rockefeller University, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Cold Spring Harbor Labs are now added to the ‘Science in NYC’ map.

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