Announcing the #scidata16 draft programme and call for lightning talks

We have a galaxy of open research stars giving talks at this year’s edition of Publishing Better Science through Better Data (#scidata16). And if you have a great example of research data sharing or reuse, you could be joining them.  Read more

Bloggers And Neuro-Tweeps Engaging Recreationally – or BANTER!

Bloggers And Neuro-Tweeps Engaging Recreationally - or BANTER!

In 2010, BANTER started with a “tweet-up” (which is exactly what it sounds like, a meet-up of people who know each other from twitter) at a bar in San Diego during the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). Natural born entertainer, @doc_becca, decided to make this a standard feature of the unofficial SfN program and ever since, BANTER has been an increasing success with neuroscience “tweeps” and bloggers. I ran some @symplur analytics for #sfn15 (official twitter hashtag for the main conference) to get this great dataviz on tweeps using the tag from Sept 16–Nov 16. There are more than 40 people among the top #sfn15 tweeps who also attended BANTER, which is a nice correlation. Are you in the picture?  Read more