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Welcome To Soapbox Science!

Soapbox Science is a new group blog, covering the whole of science. Over the coming months, we’ll be inviting researchers from all over the world to write one-off posts. The subjects may be controversial, opinionated, speculative, or just plain interesting, and may be written by any scientist with something to say.

We aim to attract some intriguing viewpoints and stimulate plenty of discussion. But we also want to crack that oft-raised problem with science blogging, summarised in this endearingly cack-handed diagram:


In short, there are a lot of people with interesting views out there who don’t, as yet, keep or interact with blogs. We hope this platform will help. By giving writers a ‘taster’ of the blogging experience, we hope they’ll get as hooked as the rest of us and discover that blogging can be a useful as well as pleasurable exercise. That’s not to say that all contributors to this blog will be new to blogging. Ultimately, it’s about airing interesting views, and those can come from any quarter.

We’re in the process of approaching our first bloggers, but we’d welcome ideas from Nature Networkers. If you’d like to suggest potential contributors for this blog, either leave a comment below or send an email.


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    Richard P. Grant said:

     Hmm. I think that Venn diagram needs some work.

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    Ken Doyle said:

     I suppose it depends on how you define "scientist", but the science blogs I’ve found most interesting are those written by people who’ve left the bench, so to speak.

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