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    Tej Nishtala said:

    Its quite interesting to know about risk intelligence. My score is 73/100 in the RQ test on the link you have provided in the article. But I couldn’t find the general knowledge version of the test you mentioned. So does this score has a standing on its own and if it does what does it say?

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    The link provided in the article points to the general knowledge version of the test.  The prediction version is no longer online.  Your score of 73 does have a standing on its own;  it indicates above-average risk intelligence.  More information would be provided by the shape of your calibration curve.

    If you have any more questions please let me know and i can get in touch with Dylan again.


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    Tej Nishtala said:

    Thankyou Laura for the feedback.  I would also be interested to know if time, as in how long one takes to complete the test, does have any influence on the outcome. I might have took a little over 5 min to finish all the 50 questions. (the website mentions it takes around 5min to answer). I’m just curious if the time of the test says anything about spontaneous ability to predict risks or if it takes into account the educated guesses /calculated risks.

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