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    Laura Wheeler said:

      Here are some of the thoughts from our Facebook page:

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        Tara Lee Hauki One word. Politicsruinseverything. :-/

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        Mark Farley Intercultural understanding (and tolerance) is paramount to world peace.

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        Jonas Wiebke I think that’s a smart, interesting, and actually very important idea! It’s well about time to consider questions like these, particularly this; though I’m afraid appreciation will be somewhat limited to societies that agree on science’s role anyway … 😐

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        Alex Covic 

        The politics during the Bush years in the US reminded everyone how ideology wants to influence Science? Agendas are found everywhere: different cultures, different interpretations, even different ‘facts’?

        I started as a teenager reading (History of Western) Philosophy and Theory of Science, finding out that politics, culture & history play a big part in our fact-finding, if we like it or not? Some driven by ego, others by money and (military) politics. 

        We need at least and understanding that these things exist? We need an open environment for science. Countries and societies build on monotheism have a hard time respecting different views? Scientific findings?

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        Melody Wainscott I agree. Good luck with the US politicians!

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        Frazier Jesse Virtue Is Matter Thrown Out Into A Soft Mass And Science Hardens It To Nature…1Space And Beyond 😉

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        Henry Thomas Becker 

        Good insight. Scientific inquiry need not be constrained by societal and religio-cultural mores, for it is a pure quest for enlightenment. However, I am proud that humanity and different cultures play roles to varying degrees in constraining and weighing the implications of pursuing technological and medical endeavors. For simply knowing a feat can be done, does not ethically mean it should be done. Dialogue from the science community is imperative in explaining the difference between science and technology two so that advances in understanding our world can be accepted, supported, and funded universally. The application of this knowlege affects us all, and cultural involvement in chosing which technological pusuits are acceptable, in my opinion, helps us trend slowly, but positively away from destructive or ignorant behavior through the ages.

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