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    Khalil A. Cassimally said:

    Actually I’ve found you CAN replace pen and paper. I use Evernote on my smartphone to jud down everything from blog post ideas to list of morning exercises. I even research my stories with Evernote. With text recognition I just talk to my phone so that is easy. I can add images, videos and everything. They all go in the cloud and can be assessed from anywhere.

    GDocs for collaboration online is proving increasingly useful as I work with more people on different stories.

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    Peter Etchells said:

    Thanks for the comment Khalil! I’ve not got into using Evernote yet, but I’ll give it a try. I just really like having pen and paper with me because I know it won’t fail when other pieces of technology might. Google Docs is a good shout too, but I don’t really use that one for science writing. Maybe I should start using it!

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