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    Suzi Gage said:

    This is great! I think making this kind of knowledge available to epidemiologists like me will really help improve the field. I wrote a blog piece last week about using SNPs to infer causation in observational studies (Mendelian Randomisation) – and someone commented on it about the importance of bioinformatics. It’s completely true – the technological advances that have enabled us to work out what SNP can predict eg alcohol or tobacco use can advance epidemiological findings in leaps and bounds! Previously I’d relied on the literature to find SNPs, but things like this make it more accessible to folk like me. Thanks for the post.

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    Mary Mangan said:

    Thanks Suzi. Yeah—that’s certainly another thing we find: people outside of the molecular biology departments are increasingly eager to access these tools. In fact, we’ve seen a number of epidemiologists take our UCSC Genome Browser workshops. We’ve seen archaeologists who want to know more, too. Hope it helps!

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