EMBO Young Investigators

This month saw the announcement of the EMBO Young Investigators for 2014, and we’re very pleased to count three of them amongst our Nature Protocols Authors! All in all, 27 researchers from 11 different countries were selected to receive the status of EMBO Young Investigator this year; you can see the full list of researchers along with their research interests here.  Read more

Notes from the Single Cell Analysis Europe conference

Notes from the Single Cell Analysis Europe conference

At the end of March, Dot and I spent two days in Edinburgh at the Select Biosciences meetings held at the Edinburgh Conference Centre on the Herriot-Watt campus, about 6 miles outside the city centre. The weather was record-breakingly hot for March (and Scotland!) – here is some evidence of the spring sunshine:  … Read more

Single Cell Analysis Europe

Next week, Dot and I will be heading to Edinburgh to attend the Select Biosciences Single Cell Analysis Europe conference.  These days, the analysis of single cells is being increasingly applied to get to the bottom of experimental questions in biology, and is a rapidly expanding discipline, rich in methodological advances.  We are really looking forward to hearing about the techniques currently being used, as well as discovering new methods that are now being developed.  Read more

The arrival of guidelines for reporting experiments

Are you conducting experiments using animals or developing protocols in this area of research? If so, you may be interested to take a look at the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments) guidelines when reporting your results and writing up those experimental procedures. These guidelines were published in June 2010 to improve the reporting of research using animals and can be found here. The guidelines themselves are presented in Table 2 of this paper, and consist of twenty items that can be used as a checklist for authors preparing a manuscript on this topic. Of course they are useful for peer-reviewers and journal editors too!  Read more