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Introducing a third article type – the Protocol Extension

2016 is an important year for Nature Protocols as in the summer we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Both in response to the success of some of our earlier protocols and reflecting the enormous improvements in the methods available to researchers over the past ten years, this month we are launching a new article type, the Protocol Extension.  Read more

SWATH-MS at Nature Protocols and Scientific Data

SWATH-MS at Nature Protocols and Scientific Data

The lab of Ruedi Aebersold recently published a Nature Protocol for generating peptide libraries for targeted analysis of SWATH MS data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry. This protocol complements a data descriptor (published in Scientific Data by the same authors) for a large-scale human assay library that can be used to support protein quantification by SWATH-MS.  Read more

EMBO Young Investigators

This month saw the announcement of the EMBO Young Investigators for 2014, and we’re very pleased to count three of them amongst our Nature Protocols Authors! All in all, 27 researchers from 11 different countries were selected to receive the status of EMBO Young Investigator this year; you can see the full list of researchers along with their research interests here.  Read more

Nobel success

We are a little late to the party (it has been a busy month at Protocols HQ!), but Nature Protocols would like to extend their warmest congratulations to all this year’s winners of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William E. Moerner for their contributions to the development of super-resolution microscopy.  Read more

Nature Protocols authors receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Nature Protocols authors receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Congratulations to Nature Protocols’s authors James E. Rothman and Thomas C. Südhof, who alongside Randy W. Schekman have been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells”, according to yesterday’s press release by The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet.  Read more

Following science’s lead to reflect on the ethics of mitochondrial transfer

When I first mentioned to some colleagues that I was thinking of writing this post in the journal blog, a few quizzical expressions surfaced on the faces of Nature Protocols’ editors. After all, the ethical and philosophical implications of the protocols we publish aren’t the usual remit of Nature Protocols. Yet, when I found out that a method for mitochondrial DNA ‘transplantation’ introduced by Oregon Health & Science University’s Shoukhrat Mitalipov and co-authors is now technically almost ready for the fertility clinic1, my mind started to wander into all kinds of questions and considerations that I thought I’d like to share with my colleagues and the readers of this blog.  Read more