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Antibodypedia on Facebook

Those readers who are avid, or even obsessive, followers of Nature’s various blogs will know that NPG is collaborating with a website called Antibodypedia since December of 2011. Well, last week we passed a significant milestone with the listing of its half-millionth antibody. And this week we are launching a Facebook page.  Read more

Protocols relating to the Structure and Composition of Plant Cell Walls

People have already exploited the physical properties of plant cell walls in, for example, the production of paper, textiles and building materials. In the future it may be possible to engineer plants to produce other environmentally friendly / biocompatible materials with different performance characteristics.  Read more

Highlights from the Protocol Exchange

Highlights from the Protocol Exchange

Yesterday we published a really nice Exchange Protocol entitled A highly-sensitive and rapid Surface Plasmon Resonance immunoassay procedure based on the covalent-orientated immobilization of antibodies. It is a variation on a recent Nature Protocol (Multisubstrate-compatible ELISA procedures for rapid and high-sensitivity immunoassays), where detection is via SPR rather than ELISA. And it is pleasing to me that we were able to accomodate both methods by using both Nature Protocols and the Protocol Exchange.  Read more