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Well, it’s the last day of the meeting and time to start sharing what you have learned. I invite all SfN attendees to comment on an interesting talk, poster, experience, etc… that they had or saw at the meeting. I’d like to take advantage of this forum to get an interesting discussion going regarding anything from specific research findings, science policy, or gossip. Questions are also welcome. To get the ball rolling, I am going to repeat a comment here that was submitted under the previous blog entry, from Dmitry:

In case you also are at the SfN conference and were present today on a wonderful talk by Gazzaniga, I’ve got one stupid question. He finished by telling some story about his son losing a row competition and it was supposed to be an advice for young scientists. Unfortunately I didn’t completely get the point (because of my English not being perfect). Could you briefly retell it?

If anyone can help out, it would be appreciated. So let’s have it, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts from the meeting.


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    John Spiro said:

    The rowing story comment from Gazzaniga was a bit cryptic to me too, and I’m a native English speaker. Apparently his son lost a rowing race by just a fraction of a second, and the implication, I think (though never really articulated) was that he had stopped rowing just before the finish line whereas his competitor rowed all the way through and won. Given that the comment came at the end of a talk chronicling the long and fascinating history of split-brain research and the birth of Cognitive Neuroscience, perhaps he meant something like ‘let’s not rest on our laurels’ and we need to keep pushing hard to understand the working of the brain?