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Vote for “Method of the Year”

Last year, the editors of Nature Methods chose a “Method of the Year” (MOY) and the winner was next generation sequencing. This feature included an editorial, commentaries, news features and other types of content discussing the winning technique.  Read more

Moving to Nature Network

Another blogging hiatus on the old “Action Potential” blog. Sorry about that. However, the news is now that I have become a neuroscience editor for Nature, I will be taking my show on the road to a new site, and will be blogging on Nature Network. My new blog is called Nothing’s Shocking (10 points to whomever knows the reference) and will pretty much follow the same fast and loose style that got me into trouble here. I hope you’ll come take a look. There are already two posts up (besides the obligatory introductory trash), with more to come:  … Read more