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What are you doing for Darwin Day?

The Darwin Day celebration was initiated by Dr. Robert Stephens and was held at Stanford University on April 22, 1995 to celebrate the scientific accomplishments of Charles Darwin. In subsequent years, the event was changed to be on or around the birthday of Darwin (February 12, 1809) and has had many illustrious speakers take part, including Richard Dawkins and Donald Johanson. The celebration has become a global one, with museums, academic institutes, private foundations, and others sponsoring some form of a tribute to this famous scientist.

A consolidated list of this year’s events, held around the world, is here. Tell us what you plan to do on Darwin day, and if you take part, report back here on what you learned, disagreed with, or experienced. If we get a nice response here, perhaps we can prepare an event synopsis for ARJ, in case their readers miss out on the celebration.


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    Rachel Eagle Reiter said:

    Here is what all men who celebrate Darwin Day should do: grow beards, get boats, and go exploring: just maybe you will revolutionize Sex and World-View along the way.


    We should start to focus on Evolution and Gender. It seems as though our Society has fallen rather far from the truths of Evolutionary Gender and the Biological Factual differences between Men XY and Women XX. We need to come back home as a Society: we need to come back to Nature. So your assignment is—yes YOU—after you grow a beard, get a boat, and go exploring…then study the sexual nature of animals: come back: write a book about it: and teach America the basics. It seems that the animals are more connected to Natural Instinct than are the most evolved animals of all time: HUMAN BEINGS.

    Rachel Eagle Reiter

    *Please let me know when your book is published: I will Celebrate You [and Darwin and God in the name of Scientific Truth]!!!