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Ask the Expert: what would you do?

What would you do?


For over seven years now, our readers have been asking our careers expert, Deb Koen, for advice to all sorts of career dilemmas, from questionable morals in the lab to what to do when natural disasters affect your work.

We’ve decided it might be time to shake things up a bit. So, we’ll be changing the format of our ask the expert Q&A, opening it out to you, the reader. After all, everyone has their own experience and perspective to add to the mix.

Kicking off this new format is a question about how best to shine in the interview process, especially if you’re not the kind to talk yourself up.

 Q: I am struggling with the interviewing process, issues that I’m not sure how to handle, including how to promote myself without bragging and how to keep the interview focused when it gets off track. What are some interviewing guidelines that could help address these concerns?”

We will publish Deb’s advice next week, along with  a selection of the most useful reader responses. If you’d like to offer some advice, you can email the editor at, tweet us @naturejobs using the hashtag #askdeb , or leave your response in the comments section below.

If you have a question for Deb Koen, you can find out how to submit it here.

A full list of past ask the expert Q&As can be found here in our careers toolkit.


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