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    Trent Mirenios said:

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you for posting such a great article. Still, I have a question that I ask every succesful person I meet. That is: could you name the 5 most important skills any entrepreneur should have ?

    Good luck!


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    steve blank said:

    curiosity, tenacity, resilience, agility, reality distortion field

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    Tim Vines said:

    Thanks for this interview – it’s great. I’m in the first year of a start-up that aims to bring big efficiencies to the scientific peer review system, and it’s going surprisingly well so far ( Your ‘Start-up Owners Manual’ has been a huge help, and I’m really grateful that it doesn’t just focus on technology start-ups.

    That brings me to my question, though: whenever anyone else in the entrepreneur business talks about ‘start-ups’, they tend to exclusively focus on web technology, i.e. the next Facebook or Twitter. Why is that? Can you point me in the direction of entrepreneur advice for companies where the business model doesn’t scale so dramatically?