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    Jean SmilingCoyote said:

    It is unfortunate that the sub-headline of this story was paired with the headline. The excellent advice to “create your own career path” does not follow the observation that science idols are “not all they appear to be.” These are really not related. No one is perfect, but some people – including “science idols” – are excellent people. The caution about evaluating one’s heroes is more relevant if you are going to pursue that field. But even if one’s “science idol” has an outstanding character, a person should still create his own career path.

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      Sofía Otero said:

      Thanks for your comment! I agree with you, regarding personality science idols are like anybody else: they can be excellent people, normal people, have good days and bad days. The point of the whole article is highlighting that, as you say, no matter the circumstances, you should always create your own career path, even if you are not lucky to find a good mentor… but also if you are!