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NI Photo Contest 2018: Finalist #9

Two more to go in the long list. Announcing the Nature India photo contest 2018 finalist number nine:

Kairamkonda Subhash, Research Associate, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Lubbock, Texas, USA

Photo caption: A breeding haven

Kairamkonda Subhash

Subhash explains his photo thus:

Kairamkonda Subhash

At first look this picture looks too cluttered. But that is how these water-logged mosquito breeding places are! You can see both mosquitoes and their larvae in the image.

This water puddle was formed by accumulation of rain water in the buttress root network of a Gulmohar (Delonix regia) tree. The red colour, characteristic of the trees bright flowers and interestingly symbolising blood on which the mosquitoes feed, was created by drowned petals.

Regulating mosquito population is key to reducing the vector-borne diseases. The first step in this process would be to eliminate mosquito breeding havens like these.

Welcome to the top ten, Subhash!

The 5th edition of the Nature India photo contest is now rolling out its long list of top ten in no particular order of merit. The contest themed “vector-borne diseases” was announced in November 2018 and has received some fabulous entries from around the world.

Nature India’s final decision to chose the winner will be partly influenced by the engagement and reception these pictures receive here at the Indigenus blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. To give all finalists a fair chance, we will consider the social media engagement each picture gets only during the first seven days of its announcement. The final results will be announced sometime in late January 2019.

The winner of the contest will get a cash award of $350, the second prize is worth $250 and the third $200. Photographs will be judged for novelty, creativity, quality and printability by a panel of Nature Research editors and photographers alongside a leading Indian scientist working in the area of vector-borne diseases. The winner and two runners-up will receive a copy of the Nature India Annual Volume 2017 and a bag of goodies (including Collector’s first issues of Nature and Scientific American and some other keepsakes) from the Nature Research. One of the winning entries also stands a chance of being featured on the cover a forthcoming print publication.

So watch out for our other finalists and feel free to promote, share and like your favourite entries with the hashtag #NatureIndphoto.


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