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    Saher Mehdi said:

    Well said Dr Griffin, I think most of the scientist just follow the first rule and think that the rest don’t matter…but in reality…they matter equally….

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    Revathi Bacsa said:

    A good set of do’s and donts. I would add, dont judge people by appearence- take time before making a hasty decision to decide whether someone is worthy or not.

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    Hari charan R B N Rayadurgam said:

    Really good tips Dr.Griffin, especially the seventh comment.  I believe in that

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    Archil Kapanadze said:

    This recomendations are from action Man to be action Man. But real science is done by mind Man.

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    Lucas Andrade said:

    Wonderful advices from Dr. Griffin. They pepped me up!

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    Ravi Chaudhary said:

    Mr.Griffin, these ten commandents are really very good & are beneficial to those sceintists who have an acute ambition to do excellence in acedemia. These advices are really very helpful.

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    Hildi Rowland said:

    Great attitude and excellent advice! Thanks for sharing. This is not just relevant to a career in academia but well worth applying to life in general!

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    Nicolas Voirin said:

    Great advices !!

    We should read it each morning and evening, especially the 8th commandment !!

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    As Ghandi said…"you should be the change you would like to see in the world", both mind and action.

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    DEVI PANDEY said:

    I like point 2 and 7, but overall article good for researchers. Thanks.