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    Andreia Laura Rodrigues said:

    The biggest challenge that I faced beeing a women is to restart in science again after stop two times, first stop my Master and second my Doctorate, to take care about my young child (one year and half old) that had cancer.
    Why me to stop? Because I was the one that receive less money and also had no fix position ( I was in that time a Doctorate student) plus the fact that I was breastfeeding him.
    Start again in science still a challenge. After all this I got depression and when I decide to start again my CV was not strong enough and I had no place to explain the reason that cause that.
    Now, almost ten years after his death I’m trying hard to improve my skills and knowledge.

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    Ruchita Selot said:

    Several times I have felt the lobbying by men against women researchers, especially strong-willed ones. To keep sexism out of interctions and not resort to personal favors are important traits required in a well functioning lab, since only then chauvinistic men learn to respect women for their research!

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    ana amaral said:

    Being a woman is a definitely a chalenge when it comes to academia or science.
    Personally, I’ve been facing this so called “chalenges” from the very begining.
    At present, I have to say that being a mother, and a “single-mom” truly showed me how uneven/sexist science can be!!