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Global Science Gallery Network launches

The Science Gallery, Dublin, today launched a global network of galleries to take its model of science outreach around the world. Eight galleries will be created by 2020, joining with leading universities located in urban centres, as part of the Global Science Gallery Network. Their goal is to engage young adults with science, technology and innovation, with lively, interactive exhibitions.  Read more

The Art of Conservation

The Art of Conservation

A Comment piece by Henry Nicholls in this week’s Nature charts how conservation brands have gone from homespun, anatomically accurate, single-species creations to stylized, abstract, frequently global images. This is a direct reflection of the conservation movement’s journey from a single- to a multi-species focus, with organizations increasingly operating at the level of habitats, ecosystems and the planet. It also reflects the increasing reliance on design and advertising agencies as the charities have moved from backroom to boardroom operations.  Read more

Bat fellatio and slime molds take 2010 IgNobels

It’s that time of year, when a few elite scientists are recognized for years of hard work tackling the great problems of the day. Yes, IgNobel season is upon us.