Sharing data to advance structural biology

In our May editorial, we highlight two new archives: for raw X-ray crystallography (the Structural Biology Data Grid, or SBDG) and for cryo-EM (EMPIAR). These archives join the long-established Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank, or BMRB (which hosts biomolecular NMR spectral data) as important resources which will facilitate greater transparency and accelerate progress in structural biology.  Read more

Methods and probes for cleared tissue: an imperfect table

Methods and probes for cleared tissue: an imperfect table

In the March issue of Nature Methods, the technology feature explores some ways that labs are optimizing probes to image cleared tissue. As we interviewed scientists, we learned about published work and ongoing unpublished experiences. Here is a snapshot of how some probes work with some clearing methods. It’s an imperfect table and is likely to evolve as research continues. We welcome your comments. We know there are different viewpoints and varying experiences and we hope it will be helpful to others to hear about them.  Read more

Method of the Year 2015

It was not  difficult to settle on single-particle cryo-electron microscopy as Method of the Year 2015, considering the boundary-breaking growth and excitement in this field in the recent past. You can link to the editorial describing our rationale for this choice here.  Read more