New methods in the literature

Our August issue went live last week; check out the Research Highlights section for a few “news” stories about interesting new methods described in the literature over the last month or two. Unfortunately we cannot highlight every interesting methods paper we find in the pages of the journal, so check out some of the others we considered that didn’t quite make the cut.  Read more

Recent methods papers from the literature

Our July issue went live last week, and as always, it includes our popular Research Highlights section. Here is a list of some interesting methods papers we considered (which were published over the last month or two) but were not able, because of space reasons, to cover in the journal.  Read more

Science in fiction

In July of 2007, we highlighted several popular nonfiction science books on our “summer reading” lists in our Editorial. Given the abundance of nonfiction books on scientific topics, many of which are written for the general public, it was not too hard to identify a short list of stellar examples of science writing. For this month’s Editorial, we sought to highlight fiction books with realistic scientists (even more specifically, biologists) as main characters in laboratory settings.  Read more

Reproducible proteomics

Our June issue, which went live online yesterday, includes an Analysis paper describing the results of a large-scale study to try to get to the root causes of irreproducibility in mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Despite the novel and valuable biological applications made possible by proteomics and the continuing impressive technological advances in mass spectrometry, the technology has been unable to completely shed its reputation of being poorly reproducible.  Read more

Highlights of methods in the recent literature

Our June issue will be published a week from now on May 28, and as always it will include the popular Research Highlights section where we write short news stories about interesting methods described in the recent literature. Of course we are not able to highlight every interesting methods paper we find, so here are some others you may want to check out. Stay tuned for the June issue to see what we picked to highlight in the journal!  Read more