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‘End of world plague’ remains uncovered in Egypt

Two skulls, two bricks and a third century AD jug found inside the remains of the bonfire

The remains of one of the most notorious epidemics to have hit the region—one so bad that it killed two Roman emperors and was labeled “the end of the world” plague—were uncovered in Luxor, archaeologists announced earlier this week.  Read more

Refining the dates of Ancient Egypt’s first dynasty

Refining the dates of Ancient Egypt's first dynasty

What we know of the history of the First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, which was the first state formed in Egypt about a thousand years before the building of the first pyramids, has largely depended so far on archaeological findings of ceramics. Archaeologists studied the evolving style of ceramics used in burial chambers to determine the order of the kings and queens of the dynasty, which offered a rough estimate at best.  Read more