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Whale sharks aggregating in Arabian gulf

Whale sharks aggregating in Arabian gulf

A few months ago, researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology discovered a gathering site for whale sharks off the Saudi Arabian red sea coast. But that was not the first such site discovered in the relatively warmer waters of the Middle East.  Read more

Talking “rubbish” with Egypt’s environment minister

Talking "rubbish" with Egypt's environment minister

Sitting down with Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar at Alexandria’s ongoing Biovision conference, she talked to Nature Middle East about going back to the basics in terms of solid waste sorting and recycling–a thing that was overdue, according to her.  Read more

Arab scientists learn desert agriculture techniques in China

Arab scientists learn desert agriculture techniques in China

While the Middle East may have been the cradle of agriculture, it isn’t the most friendly area in the world when it comes to growing plants. Well over two thirds of the area is harsh desert, making growing enough crops to feed a rapidly increasing population one of the trickiest challenges Arab countries face.  Read more

Management row threatens to blow Sahara solar dream

Plans to supply Europe with electricity generated in North Africa suffered another blow this week when the DESERTEC Foundation, set up in 2009 to promote the idea, pulled out of the industrial consortium which is trying to advance the €400-billion (US$514-billion) project.  Read more

The potential for solar energy in the UAE

Steve Griffiths

Taking into account the rising cost of fossil fuels, the United Arab Emirates could economically generate more than 20GW of electricity from solar energy by 2030, said Steve Griffiths, executive director of Institute Initiatives at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi.  Read more