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Talking it out: How diabetics benefit from diagnosis conversations with doctors

Early conversations between physicians and diabetes patients are not only critical for patients’ emotional well-being but they also predict the degree to which patients keep up with treatment.  Read more

Do we need science media centres in the Arab world?

A talk about the negative effects that science media centres are having on science journalism is almost an obligatory session at any meeting of science journalists or science communicators, and the 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST 2014) was no exception.  Read more

Denial and anti-science movements

Anti-science themes are varied across the world, from anti-evolution and creationism to climate change deniers to HIV deniers. How can science journalists best tackle these issues? Is it important to be balanced, giving voice – for example – to vaccination opponents when covering a story about vaccination?  Read more

So you want to be a science blogger?

So you want to be a science blogger?

Are you interested in becoming a science blogger? A panel of top bloggers at the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) 2013 shared their experience today – with tips and insights that would be a great starting point for anyone who wants to start a science blog.  Read more

Scientific Saudi – bringing science to the public

Scientific Saudi - bringing science to the public

In my search for good science blogs and science communication efforts in the Arab world, I ran over the past few years into a few really interesting things that people are doing, and have always been keen to highlight them here. Recently, we had a blog post about the first students science magazine in the Arab world – which should be launching online next month – and another on a Syrian researcher who has set up a YouTube channel to communicate science in a simple, easy to understand manner for the public.  Read more