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Alive in the universe

Nature Middle East has an exciting contribution to the grande dame of art events –The Venice Biennale. For more than 120 years the Biennale has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to the floating city, whose sweeping squares, crumbling palazzos and beautiful churches play host to the world’s foremost cutting-edge creative minds. Now in its 58th iteration, it takes as its theme May you live in interesting times and promises to be a showcase of what its artistic director Ralph Rugoff describes as “art’s potential for looking into things that we do not already know”.  Read more

From counting to caring

Sympathy with mass human crises may capture attention but do not always translate into action – and even in cases where it does, the action is more often than not transient, at least according to a new research studying the ebb and flow of empathetic response to humanitarian disasters.  Read more

Foe to friend: Can phages help combat this notorious pathogenic predator?

Foe to friend: Can phages help combat this notorious pathogenic predator?

A new research in Zagazig University offers insight into the dynamics of phage genomes and some phage-host interactions and regulation, hoping to use phages to combat a broadly-spread lethal and persistent strain of land pathogenic bacteria.  Read more

Researchers can now tell who will be depressed, or not, in response to stressors

Two people, with similar circumstances, can experience the same stressor – death, trauma or even bankruptcy – and one could go on to develop depression while the other  would weather the crisis and come out unharmed. What makes the difference between one and the other? Why do some function normally following a crisis, or are more resilient, while others become emotionally crippled by it?  Read more

“Revolutionary” type 2 diabetes therapy to be released soon

"Revolutionary" type 2 diabetes therapy to be released soon

A new class of diabetes therapy, soon to be available on the markets, including in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is the first to target the kidney, say experts, and is hailed as “revolutionary” by Boehringer Ingelheim, the pharmaceutical producing it.  Read more