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One step closer to a diabetes cure?

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Zewail City scientist Sameh Ali has joined a league of Egyptian researchers engaged in pre-clinical trials that use stem cells to explore a viable type 2 diabetes treatment by transforming mesenchymal stem cells (MS cells) – adult bone marrow stem cells – into insulin-producing cells (IPCs).  Read more

World Diabetes Day: The silent killer endures

On World Diabetes Day, a new report by WHO bears bad news to the Arab world, already boasting the highest prevalence of diabetes worldwide and reeling from its different side effects. According to the report, 35.4 million adults aged 20-79 of the Middle East and North Africa region are living with diabetes – over 40.6% of these are undiagnosed.  Read more

The Middle East experiences a sharp rise in antibiotic use

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The region, especially countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, has increased its reliance on antibiotics, and the rise in numbers is dramatic, according to a new report that is hailed as the most comprehensive yet, worldwide.  Read more

Hepatitis C: The case of Egypt

In the Arab world, and worldwide, one of the most affected countries when it comes to hepatitis C virus (HCV) is Egypt – in fact, it’s estimated that 14.7% of the North African country’s population is carrying the virus and up to 100,000 new infections occur each year.  Read more