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Rise of ascetic, moralizing religions result of affluence not politics

A new research, published this month in Current Biology, devised a statistical model that could explain how absolute affluence impacted human motivation and reward systems and in turn affected ascetic wisdoms and religions’ austere moralizing systems – across Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity.  Read more

‘End of world plague’ remains uncovered in Egypt

Two skulls, two bricks and a third century AD jug found inside the remains of the bonfire

The remains of one of the most notorious epidemics to have hit the region—one so bad that it killed two Roman emperors and was labeled “the end of the world” plague—were uncovered in Luxor, archaeologists announced earlier this week.  Read more

First ‘Falling Walls Lab’ held in Cairo

Members of the jury at Falling Walls Lab, Cairo.

The Middle East’s first ever ‘Falling Walls’ Lab, a fast-paced competition, attracted a reasonable crowd this week in the German Science Center Cairo (DWZ Cairo). One after the other, 13 candidates climbed on stage to present, in three minutes, their innovative idea, groundbreaking research or fresh business model in front of a jury from academia and research.  Read more

Eyewire: Solving mysteries of the brain through gaming

Screenshots courtesy of

While some may be familiar with the concept–made famous by Foldit, a pioneer online video puzzle where you “fold” protein as part of a University of Washington research project–the crowd at Bibliotheca Alexandria were blown away by a similar game model: Eyewire, neurology’s first ever computation game, open to laypeople.  Read more