Whiskey in the jar

On Wednesday night (June 27th), Nature Network Boston will be hosting their first ‘pub night’ at Tavern in the Square (in Central Square, Cambridge). Corie Lok, the editor of Nature Network Boston, recently blogged about this event, which will be “your chance to meet other scientists from the Boston area, including other members of and bloggers on Nature Network Boston and a few people from Nature’s Cambridge office…”  … Read more

The NIHghts who say ‘no’

Apologies to our international readers for the U.S.-centric post, but the National Institutes of Health announced earlier today that PAR-07-353, a grant involving Cheminformatics Research Centers, has been canceled for “programmatic reasons.” For those of you who haven’t heard of the Cheminformatics Research Centers, they are part of the Molecular Libraries Roadmap Program (MLP), which is  … Read more

Living in a material world…

I was out at the pub last night with a few other editors, and one of my colleagues mentioned that an editor from Nature Materials is leaving the company (and the country) – while she’ll be definitely be missed by all, this means that Nature Materials is searching for a new associate editor to join their team:  … Read more

I’d like to buy the world a Coke

The office coffee machine broke down this morning, so I’ve been using Coca-Cola to fight off the postprandial dip. I rarely drink soda (aside from the occasional Cuba Libre), so I’m usually the last to know about (crazy) new kinds of soda. But there’s a case of Diet Coke Plus in our office refrigerator – you might not have seen it in your local supermarket, but it’s a new version of Diet Coke that contains several vitamins and minerals:  … Read more

On the streets of Philadelphia

You may have already seen this news story in C&EN about a recent trial in Philadelphia: Merisant (the company that produces Equal and NutraSweet) has sued McNeil Nutritionals (the company that makes Splenda) because Merisant doesn’t think it’s fair that Splenda’s marketing campaign includes the phrase “made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.”  … Read more