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Being rocket woman

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle of the Indian Space Research Organisation, which carried the Mars Orbiter Mission satellite Mangalyaan. The payload included instruments developed by Dutta and her team.

Physicist Moumita Dutta from the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Space Applications Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was part of the team that put a probe into Mars orbit in 2014.  In an interview with Elizabeth Gibney, a senior reporter for Nature based in London, she talks about the lure of optics, the challenge of crafting super-light sensors, and the rise in Indian women entering space science.  Read more

Hail women in science

Hail women in science

I have heard women scientists across the world rant (with reason) about the oppressive policies of labs that stifle their growth. We have had very interesting discussions on the Nature India forum regarding gender issues in science. And, of course, about the sops that governments promise to make things better for women but don’t deliver. Spurred by such inaction, Vineeta Bal, a member of the Indian government’s task force for women in science, wrote a forceful commentary on Nature India recently outlining what needs to be done immediately to turn things around for our lab ladies.  Read more

All-women tech school

There are murmurs in Vigyan Bhavan about a proposal to set up the country’s first all-women engineering and technology institute in President Pratibha Patil’s hometown in Maharashtra. The HRD ministry is mulling over the proposal for this exclusive women’s technology school in Amravati near Nagpur on Patil’s recommendation. The country’s first woman president was apparently worried about the small number of girl students getting into the IITs.  Read more