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Nature India spotlights Odisha

Nature India spotlights Odisha

A state known for its heritage, culture and disaster management, and as an emerging hub of scholarship and research, Odisha is making its mark. This special issue captures the aspirations of and challenges for the eastern Indian state in becoming the next national science hub.  Read more

NI Special Issue on COVID-19 Engineering Solutions is out

NI Special Issue on COVID-19 Engineering Solutions is out

Very early on it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was not just a challenge for scientists and medical professionals. Almost a year into the coronavirus’s rampage across the world, there’s no doubt about the long-term impact that SARS-CoV-2 will continue to have on every facet of human life — from healthcare to education, social interaction, businesses, environmental concerns, and political processes.  Read more

Lockdown unlocking technology for India’s farmers

A farmer holding up a sample for the plant doctors to see.

It’s a Friday morning and Lakshmi, a farmer who grows paddy, maize and finger millet in central Tamil Nadu, is peering into her phone camera adjusting the webinar settings. From behind her, the top of her toddler’s head pops up on the screen as she navigates her way around the virtual ‘plant clinic’. “I can’t hear you sir, please unmute yourself,” Laxmi says several times in Tamil before the expert on the other side heeds.  Read more

SciArt scribbles: CRISPR and the smell of rain

Mukund Thattai

Many scientists embrace the artistic medium to infuse new ideas into their scientific works. With science-art collaborations, both artists and scientists challenge their ways of thinking as well as the process of artistic and scientific inquiry. Can art hold a mirror to science? Can it help frame and answer uncomfortable questions about science: its practice and its impact on society? Do artistic practices inform science? In short, does art aid evidence?  Read more

Breaking the curse on science

Ayushi Sood

Ayushi is an undergraduate microbiology student at Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Her interest in what makes life tick made her fall in love with bacteria and astrobiology, and her passion for making scientific research more efficient and accessible led her to explore bioinformatics. She has been a part of research projects investigating nanoparticle-plant interactions, transgenic algae, and bacteria-algae associations.  Read more

Frugal innovation: India, France can lead the way

Participants at the STEAM School 2017

In this guest post, Navi Radjou draws from his experience at a hands-on education and problem-solving school in Mumbai. He points out that France’s strong science and engineering capabilities, combined with the Indian concept of jugaad, or frugal ingenuity, could help solve problems that threaten all of humanity.  Read more

A scientist who can cut your electricity bill

Aaswath Raman

Mumbai-born Aaswath Raman, who grew up in Canada and is now a Canadian citizen, researches unique new ways of harnessing a largely unexploited renewable source of energy — the cold of the universe. Raman moved to the USA for his bachelor’s degree in 2002 and is currently a research associate with the Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford University, where he investigates “radiative or sky cooling” to develop prototype systems for cooling, refrigeration and beyond.  Read more

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

An innovative and affordable infant hearing screening device was launched in New Delhi this week. Nature India intern Kate Telma, from the Graduate Program in Science Writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), attended the launch and came back educated about the significance and necessity of auditory screening for newborns.  Read more

How to start a startup

Every week, Indigenus brings you some interesting and relevant posts from sister blog Naturejobs, a leading online resource for scientists in academia and industry who seek guidance in developing their careers. The blog delivers a mix of expert advice and personal stories to help readers review, set and achieve their career goals.  Read more